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4 Benefits of Using Ethanol Gas


Amidst growing concerns over the effects of fossil fuels on the local and global environment, more and more people are looking to biofuel as a cleaner, and more efficient and sustainable source of energy for commercial, industrial, and residential use.

Ethanol is among the most readily available types of biofuel and is an invaluable energy source in industries as diverse as transportation and agriculture. Ethanol gas offers several benefits over other types of fuels, especially for the fleet manager looking for a cost-effective fuel source with a low environmental impact.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of using ethanol gas.

1. Low Waste

Unlike fossil fuels, ethanol fuel is extracted from naturally occurring plant sources such as wheat, grain sorghum, sugar cane, barley, corn, sweet sorghum, and potatoes among others. Much of the ethanol fuel in the US originates from the Midwest and Upper Midwest, where corn and water supply is abundant.

The extraction and production of ethanol is a low-waste process. Livestock feed on distiller's grain, which is the main by-product of corn-based ethanol. This feed has high fiber content, which is beneficial to the overall well-being of farm animals. 

The low-waste production process is not just beneficial to the distillers or farm owners - by using low waste ethanol fuel, you can help to sustain an environmentally friendly and sustainable ecosystem.

2. Environment-Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of ethanol is the fuel's capacity to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Admittedly, converting biomass to ethanol produces carbon dioxide. However, the biomass and grain that manufacturers use to produce ethanol absorb the harmful carbon dioxide by-product.

Depending on the production process and the biomass used to produce ethanol, the absorption of carbon dioxide can be greater than the greenhouse gas emissions. 

Additionally, the grains and biomass used in the production of ethanol fuel are biodegradable and renewable. Pure ethanol easily breaks down into innocuous substances at the point of production.

3. Energy Efficient

Ethanol contains more oxygen than gasoline. This characteristic not only gives ethanol excellent blending properties but also makes gasoline more energy efficient and prevents engine knocking, which improves a vehicle's drivability.

The energy efficiency ethanol delivers helps to minimize greenhouse gas emitted through engine oil combustion. In fact, experts posit that the energy efficiency that ethanol offers roughly compensates for the indirect land use changes that result from the extraction and production of ethanol fuel.

At a larger scale, ethanol's energy efficiency can minimize the dependency on fossil fuels, whose production has significant adverse impacts on the environment.

4. Affordable

The energy used in growing, extracting, and distilling corn into ethanol is significantly lower than the energy that ethanol fuel produces. In other words, producing ethanol is comparably cheaper.

The low cost of production makes ethanol gas a more affordable fuel source than fossil fuels. Whether you are operating a fleet of vehicles or running agricultural equipment, lower fuel costs can help your bottom line significantly.

Ethanol is also easily accessible given that the country manufactures the gas locally. This factor further contributes to the affordability of ethanol gas as a component of gasoline. Local, large-scale production of ethanol fuel also continues to be a source of job creation, which is a boon to the country's national and regional economic performance.

Biofuels are increasingly the fuel source of the future. Whether mixed with gasoline for use in commercial equipment, vehicles, motor boats, or generators, ethanol gas delivers solid economic, social, and environmental benefits for any forward-looking individual or business.

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