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5 Reasons to Consider Oil Heating for Your Home

oil heating
You have many options for heating your home, gas, electric heat and oil. Oil heating is a wise choice for many reasons, and provides many benefits you can enjoy.
Here are five reasons to consider oil heating for keeping your home warm. If you currently have gas or electric heat and are considering a change, oil is a wonderful alternative.

Oil is a Reliable Energy Source

Oil is a very plentiful heating source. This means you will likely never run out of oil to operate the heat in your home, and you will also run into competitive rising costs less frequently than with gas and electricity.
Talk to your oil delivery specialist about the costs to oil-heat your home. The cost is usually based on the square footage of your residence and how many months in the year you currently use heat.

Oil Furnaces Are Cost-Effective and Long Lasting‚Äč

If you are looking for a heat source that doesn't carry large costs to install or operate, then an oil furnace may be a wise option for you. Oil furnaces can last three decades or longer, compared to just over a single decade or more for gas furnaces.
Your largest investment when installing an oil furnace is often the tank that houses the oil you use. The oil tank is typically installed and serviced by the same company who delivers your oil, this process is similar to how a propane fuel source is maintained and used.

Oil Furnaces Emit Clean Fuel

Oil is a clean-burning fuel which means you don't send out toxic emissions into the ozone whenever you operate your system. If you are seeking a greener alternative to heating your home, then oil is a wise option for you.
Contact an oil supply company about the difference between oil and gas emissions for home heating, these professionals can help you make your final decision.

Oil Heating is More Effective

Concerns of energy loss (which in turn costs you money) can cause you to want an alternative heat source than the one you have now. When you have an on-site storage tank, oil has the highest amount of heat emission per BTU compared to gas and electric heating. This means more heat enters your home with less energy being used, which can save you money on your heating bills.

Oil Heating Can Be Safer

One of the best reasons to consider oil heating for the home is the safety it can bring to you and your family. Oil has to be very hot to catch fire and does not emit harmful toxins like carbon monoxide into the air. Gas can catch fire at a much lower temperature than oil does and can put your family in danger if used incorrectly.
Talk to your oil supplier about the safe way to operate an oil furnace so you can feel safe and confident while it is in use. Installed correctly and used the way its intended, your oil furnace can not only last for many years, it can operate with few issues.
There are many reasons to consider oil heating for your home. When you have made the decision to change from your current heating system to oil heating, you can use an oil supply company to deliver the amount of oil you need to keep your home warm without interruption.
Oil heating is a great way to keep your home warm while saving money on energy costs at the same time. At Biltmore Oil, you can trust our team of experts to deliver high-quality oil to your residence. Call us today for assistance in converting your home to oil heating.