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Biodiesel: A Heating Source Good for Your Home and Nation

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You have many fueling options these days for home heating. One popular type of fuel you may want to consider for your heating needs is biodiesel. This fuel has garnered more attention in recent years due to the many benefits biodiesel offers home owners.
Along with helping you heat your home with a better, more efficient fuel alternative, choose biodiesel and you'll also be helpful to the national economy. You can learn all about biodiesel by reading the information offered below.

What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is non-toxic, biodegradable, renewable energy source. This fuel is made from animal fats and vegetable oils. The Home Biodiesel heating fuel is called B-5, B-10, or B-20 biodiesel and this biodiesel consists of 5%, 10%, and 20% biodiesel combined with 80% traditional heating oil.
In some cases, experts suggest to start out using 5%, then increase the percentage of biodiesel fuel a little bit at a time until you are up to the 20% biodiesel. A gradual approach helps your system adjust to biodiesel fuel.
Biodiesel was once considered the more expensive heating option. However, with the steady increase in the cost of oil and the savings in home furnace servicing when burning biodiesel, it has now become an affordable option for home owners.

What Are the Benefits of Heating With Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is considered a much cleaner way to heat homes. This cleaner burning fuel is environmentally friendly and will require less cleaning of your furnace.
Unlike the biodiesel fuel which powers many vehicles, the home version of biodiesel fuel can be safely used to heat your home without the need for any retrofitting or adjustments being made. Usually, when switching to other types of heating fuel retrofitting is necessary. This is just one thing that makes biodiesel such a convenient heating fuel.
Home heating with biodiesel also gives you the benefit of using a solvent which means it helps breakdown existing buildup in your system and this translates to less furnace maintenance for you, so you save money in the long term.
If you do have a lot of buildup in your tank when you start heating with biodiesel, you want to clean the furnace before you begin heating with the biodiesel. This will prevent the clogs from happening and save you on dealing with this minor inconvenience. Should your filter clog, simply replace the filter as you would do with your regular furnace maintenance and use your furnace as you regularly would.

How Does Heating With Biodiesel Help the Nation and Environment?

The US biodiesel industry generates just under $17 billion dollars annually. Over 62,000 US jobs are created due to the production of biodiesel fuel. Therefore, when you make the switch to biodiesel for your home's heating needs, you will support the US agriculture industry and reduce the nation's dependency on foreign oils. This contributes to the US economy.
While other types of heating oil are produced over thousands of years, biodiesel fuel has a production period of a few months, which makes biodiesel a more efficient option with the added benefit of knowing you aren't contributing to the depletion of the planet's resources.

Are You Ready to Start Heating Your Home With Biodiesel?

If you would like to start heating your home with biodiesel, then contact us now. We can set you up on a delivery service that works best for your needs. At Biltmore Oil we offer servicing for residences, commercial businesses, and retail businesses. With our Keepfill option, don't worry about getting caught off-guard and not being able to heat your home; we deliver to you before you run out of fuel.